Our Classrooms

At Little Dreamers Academy, children will participate in an enriching learning experience that gives them the ability and confidence to achieve important milestones in their future. Our early education academy is open to children ages six weeks old to preschoolers. Each classroom curriculum is based on the children and their needs, which are assessed on a regular basis and integrated into our lesson planning.

Welcoming All Students Throughout Northeast GA!

Infants & Ones

In our infants and one classroom, your child will experience a clean and nurturing environment at all times. We’re here to adhere to your child’s unique needs and schedule. If you’ve established a schedule at home, we’ll follow it! Our days are filled with motivation and encouragement to develop their social and motor skills.

Meet Our Teachers

Toddlers & Tots

At Little Dreamers Academy, we understand your child is always on the go, go, go! That’s why we’ve provided tons of games, books, toys, and other engaging activities so they’ll be entertained until you’re ready to pick them up.

Meet Our Teachers

Mrs. Kathi
Ms. Savannah
Ms. Grace
Ms. Avery
Ms. Maddie
Ms. Eimi


Our preschool program is fully committed to preparing your child for their kindergarten experience. Each classroom is small, ensuring your child receives the utmost attention and care at all times. Throughout the preschool curriculum, children are taught the basic rules of grammar through songs, to name colors and numbers, and fully comprehend the idea of counting and time. Like all of our other programs, each individual’s needs are evaluated and integrated accordingly.

Meet Our Teachers

Mrs. Marie
Mrs. Melissa
Miss Amada

Why not give your child an education from a school voted “Best Daycare” in Habersham County for the past 13 years?

To schedule an appointment for a tour, contact us by calling (706) 894-2606!.